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Heartfelt thank yous to the following people, and very importantly: thank you, mahalo, merci, gracias to the person or people who I have forgotten-- just like those people at the Academy Awards who forget to thank the obvious or not-so-obvious person who helped them in some way. Please, please-- if you believe you contributed and you are not on this list, email or call me! -Charles

Katy Abel - WBCN Newswoman

Adam 12 - WBCN DJ

Carter Alan - WZLX Music Director, Author Radio Free Boston: The Rise and Fall of WBCN

Ian “Jethro Tull” Anderson - Jethro Tull

Wally Archimbeault - Limo Driver

Andy Beaubien - WBCN DJ

Michelle Beaubien Witte - Actress, Reenactment of "The Girl with the Green Face

Tony Beradini - WBCN General Manager

Roger Berkowitz - Legal Sea Food Czar

Susan Bickelhaupt - Boston Globe

David Bieber - David Bieber Archives

Ernie Boch Jr. - Patron of the Arts MusicDrivesUs

Edward Boesel - Husband of the Muffin

Jim Braude - WGBH Greater Boston ‘Daze In The Life’ Of Boston Radio Icon Charles Laquidara

Sharon Brody - WBUR Weekend Edition Charles Laquidara: 'Daze In The Life' Of A Boston Radio Legend

John Brodey - WBCN DJ

Larry Bruce - Photographer

Simon Brummer - Tech Guru and All Around Helpful Guy

Dan Busler - Photographer

Ken Capobianco - Boston Globe Correspondent

Cats Design

Roger Clemens - Former Red Sox Pitcher

Chuck Coughlin - Back Stage Photo Booth backstagephotobooth

Neil Curran - Your Mother’s On The Roof Intern

Charlie Daniels - WBCN DJ

Ron Della Chiesa - WBCN, WGBH DJ, Classy Classical Music Guy

Joyce Della Chiesa - Classy Wife of Ron

Steve DiFilippo - Czar of Davios

Alan Dines - Photographer

Vincent Donofrio

Kay Dudek

Sarah Edwards - Evening Magazine TV

Fallout Shelter

Sandy Farrell - Fan, Prankster, Letter Writer

Michael Fremer - WBCN DJ

Lauren Giglio - HomeGig Creative Services

Charles Giuliano

Robin Diane Goldstein - Duane Photos

Ben Goodwin - Web Developer

Marc Gordon - WBCN Producer

Roger Gordy Photographer

Tommy Hadges - WBCN DJ Captain Novocaine

Rich Hannon - Meme Graphics guy

Tami Heidi - WBCN DJ

Hey the dog – Man’s Best Friend

Bradley Jay - WBCN DJ, WBZ Overnight Guy

Elizabeth Karle - Most Artistic

Roger King Director, “I Am What I Play”

Adam Klein - Callanan and Klein Communications

Buzz Knight - Former WZLX Program Director, VP of Programming at Beasley

Sam Kopper - Locomote Media

Mark and Joan Kruger - Tech Hifi

Joyce Kulhawik - Entertainment Reporter

Ari Laquidara - Son

Rhiana Laquidara - Daughter

Doreen Laquidara - Former wife, forever bestie

Pat Laquidara - Brother

Billy Laquidara - Brother

David Laquidara - Brother

Barbara Laronde - Another Charles crew member who started by reprimanding Charles, Mishegas Producer

Kathryn Lauren - WBCN DJ

John Laurenti - Local Radio and Pledge Host

Don Law - Grand Master of Promotions

Scot Lehigh - Boston Globe

ChaChi Loprete - Breakfast With The Beatles

Benjamin Lowengard - Tech Assistance

Daniel Lynch - Video of Big Mattress Show

Darrell Martinie - Cosmic Muffin, Astrologer

Danny “Doc” McGrath - Duke and the Drivers

Rachel McIntosh - ATN Actress

Deanna McKinstry-Edwards – Friend, Author Psyche, Eros, and Me

Jeff McLaughlin - Boston Globe

Mario “The Big M” Medious - Atlantic Records Promoter

Roger Merritt - Ankle man

Kevin Miller - For the Brad Delp Pics

Mim - Photographer

Steve Minichiello - Around Town Producer

Brian C. Mooney - Boston Globe

John Morrison

Patrick Murray - WBCN News & Traffic guy

Norm Nathan

Lance “Bitterman” Norris - Big Mattress Writer

Chuck Nowlin - WZLX DJ

Oedipus - WBCN Music Director

Paradise Rock Club

Mark Parenteau - WBCN DJ

Jim Parry - WBCN DJ

Al Perry - WBCN

David Pierce - Author Riding on the Ether Express

Ron Pownall

Ray Riepen - Boston Tea Party

Mississippi Joe Rogers - WBCN DJ

Jay & Kate Rooney - Gracious Hosts, Photographers, Videographers

Bob Ryan - Boston Globe

Carmine Saccardo - NE Neon

Lance Salemo - Motherlode Management, David Bieber archives

Tom Sandman - WBCN Creative Production

Pat Dalio Sannicandro - First Love

Maxanne Sartori - WBCN DJ

Danny Schechter - The News Dissector

Steven Segel - WBCN DJ

Nat Segaloff - Director of “Chickens”

Paul “Tank” Sferuzza - WBCN Sports guy

Mark Shanahan - Boston Globe Names Former ‘BCN host Charles Laquidara takes fans and friends on a guided tour

Ken Shelton - WBCN DJ

Matt Siegel - WXKS Radio Personality

Peter Simon - Photographer Peter

Neila Smith - WBCN

Michael Sparks-Keegan - Photographer - Paradise, Regent Theater

Joel Stein - Radio Sales Weasel

Stran Promotional Solutions

David Struffolino - WBZ traffic guy

Jim Sullivan - WBUR ARTery Boston's 'Last DJ' Charles Laquidara Chronicles WBCN's Rock Radio Days

James Sullivan - Boston Globe Laquidara goes live with his life mishegas and all

Louise Sullivan

Mike Symonds

The Cars

Ed Torri - Friend

Lisa Traxler - WBCN DJ

Dave Tree - Archive and Art Installation Assistance

Steven Tyler - Rock God Steven Tyler's Tumblr

Debbie Ullman - WBCN DJ

Denise Venditelli - Assistant to Charles on Big Mattress

Meliezza Walker - Photographer

Billy West - Comedic Impersonator, Guitar slinger

Ken “Skippy” West - Alt 92.9, WROR Program Director

Chuck White - Archive assistance, Route 1 Project

Sunny Jo White - KISS 108 DJ

Harold Williams - Friend

Jack Williams - WBZ News Guy

Mike Wilson - Boston Globe

Norm Winer - WBCN DJ

Robin Young - WBCN DJ, WBUR Here & Now

Ed Zuckerman

All of our wake up call victims